Totally Cute Frozen Funko Pop Figures

Collect your favorite Frozen characters in cute bobblehead form with this collection from Funko Pop! These are all standard size Funko Pop figures measuring around 3 and 3/4" tall each. Some of the figures have been out for a while and the "collectible" price reflects an increase in value as they are no longer in production, or demand has driven the price up. When you see a Funko Pop figure you'd like to have, it's always a good idea to pick it up! You never know which figures will become popular and thus more expensive, with that "collectible" pricing!

1 Frozen's Anna Adventure Funko Pop

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This figure of Anna features the Arendelle princess wearing her adventure outfit from the original Frozen feature film. Notice the ice-stricken blond streak of hair in one of her braids.

2 Disney 100 Elsa from Frozen Funko Pop Figure

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Here the Ice Queen herself is featured in her iconic ice blue dress from the original Frozen feature film.This is a new figure released as part of the Disney 100 celebration which began in 2023.

3 Smiling Olaf with Bruni Funko Pop Figure

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Olaf has a big smile on his face (per usual) and a little Fire Salamander friend on his head! This figure, based on the Frozen 2 story, has the snowman in a happy pose with his stick arms out to the sides.

4 Kristoff Plays Instrument Cute Funko Pop Frozen Figure

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Iceman Kristoff is featured here in over-the-top cute vinyl bobblehead form. He plays a stringed instrument (guitar-style) and wears his iconic iceman outfit and curly-toed shoes.

5 Reindeer Sven Funko Pop Action Figure

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It's the sly reindeer sidekick from the Frozen franchise, bestie to Kristoff, Sven himself! Here the hoofed buddy is featured in the typical Funko Pop form with exaggerated features, large head, and darling black eyes. Sven's head is cocked to the side and he sits in a comfy position.

6 Straw Hat Olaf Funko Pop Figure with Penguin

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Olaf is ready for his musical number! The summer-loving snowman sports a straw hat and dancing cane. His penguin friend is along, too. This set was exclusive to the 2015 San Diego ComicCon; the age and limited nature of this figure results in collectible pricing!

7 Coronation Princess Anna Funko Pop

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Here Princess Anna has her hair up, ready for the first time in forever -- coronation day! She is wearing her pretty green coronation day gown and has a sassy pose with her hand on her hip.

8 Coronation Queen Elsa Funko Pop

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This figure features Elsa in her coronation gown and crown.The outfit also includes a matching cape and her long teal gloves.

9 Birthday Girl Anna Frozen Fever Funko Pop

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Here Anna is wearing her summery dress as featured in the popular Frozen short Frozen Fever. Anna comes with three little snowbie friends. This older Funko Pop figure is in limited supply with "collectible" pricing!

10 Frozen Fever Queen Elsa + Snowbie Funko Pop

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Like the figure featured above, this Funko Pop character is inspired by the Frozen Fever short. Here Queen Elsa wears her spring-like gown as seen in the film. Elsa comes with three little friends as well, in the form of snowbies.

11 Summer Sunglasses Olaf Funko Pop Figure

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Snowman Olaf enjoys summer like no other. This Funko Pop figure features Olaf wearing dark sunglasses. Summer Olaf even has a beach ball!

12 Young Elsa Funko Pop Figure

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Return to an innocent time when the most pressing issue of the day was: do you want to build a snowman? This Funko Pop figure of young Elsa is wearing a cute dress. She holds a snowball in anticipation of the fun to come.

13 Young Anna Funko Pop Figure

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Anna has her hair in pigtails and she wears a cute dress in her typical green color scheme. This figure of little Anna holds a couple of darling little dolls.

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