Adorable Frozen Safety Helmets for Kids

Keep your little Frozen fans safe when they bike, skate, or engage in other outdoor activities. These cute Frozen-themed safety helmets are designed for little heads and will appeal to Frozen fans.

3D Olaf Multi-Sport Helmet for Toddlers

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This adorable child safety helmet is formed in the shape of Olaf the snowman's head! His smiling face is unmistakeable. Features include his iconic teeth, protruding carrot nose, and twig hair. Olaf's fun look will bring smiles to everyone's face as it keeps your little one safe. 

Cute Anna and Elsa Print Toddler Helmet

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This cute little helmet has a vibrant print inspired by the short film Frozen Fever. The "birthday wish" print features the sisters of Arendelle exchanging a gift with a festive springtime background. A dancing Olaf is featured on the other side of the helmet.

Frozen Tiara Toddler Bike Helmet

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This adorable helmet features a tiara or crown at the front! The icy blue transparent tiara features a diamond-shaped "jewel" in the center. The tiara has a snowflake feel which continues with snowflakes featured on the vibrant helmet print. Anna, Elsa, and Olaf are all featured on the helmet's print.

PlayWheels Frozen Wooden Cruiser Skateboard

This 21" wooden skateboard is made for fans of Frozen! The graphics on both sides of the board feature the sisters from Arendelle, Anna and Elsa.