Top 10 Olaf Gifts for Adults

Grown-ups love the Frozen franchise, too! Especially that lovable and goofy snowman, Olaf. The timeless stories of snowy Arendelle, set to catchy tunes, have a lot for both children and adults to enjoy. Here are some awesome Olaf-themed Frozen gift ideas for adult fans of the modern Disney classic. 

Awesome Olaf Ugly Sweater Style Men's PJs

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This set of men's (or unisex) pajamas features a busy pattern that looks like a knitted sweater. Olaf features in repeating lines that also include snowflakes, stripes, and text that reads I LIKE WARM HUGS. The busy pattern top is printed to look like a button-down cardigan with a shirt and tie underneath. The matching pants have a delightfully kitschy blue plaid pattern. The pajama set is made of comfortable polyester.

Funny "My Signature Moves" Olaf Novelty Adult T-Shirt

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On this fun t-shirt for adult Frozen fans, Olaf is shown in various different poses, imitating other characters as well as objects. See Olaf impersonate a unicorn, a castle, and Mickey Mouse! This cute Olaf t-shirt is available in white as shown, or light blue, or grey. In addition to the unisex style shown here, you can also pick up this tee in sizes for women or kids.

Fun Olaf Insulated Tervis Travel Tumbler

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This is a travel tumbler mug from popular brand Tervis. The 16oz tumbler features a brightly printed image of Olaf on a blue background. Text below Olaf reads "happy memories". This double-walled Olaf Tervis mug is perfect for keeping adult beverages hot or cold.

Adult-Size Olaf One-Piece Costume Pajamas

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Dress up as Olaf in cozy style with this adult-sized onesie. The one-piece Olaf jumpsuit pajamas feature a hood that looks like Olaf's head, complete with carrot snoot! The white suit has black "buttons" printed on the front, the arms are brown, just like Olaf's tree twig arms. The cozy outfit has a zippered front enclosure.

Funny Samantha? Olaf Illustrated T-Shirt for Adults

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Olaf's face is shown in unique comic style against a stylized fall scene background. Below Olaf's smiling face is orange text reading "Samantha?" in all capital letters. The funny one-liner recalls a great moment from Frozen II when Olaf is walking through the woods on his own. Give others a knowing laugh when you wear this shirt among other Frozen fans. This funny Olaf t-shirt is available in black as shown, or navy blue. In addition to the unisex style shown here, you can also pick up this tee in sizes for women or kids.

Really Difficult 1000 Piece Olaf Frozen Puzzle

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How's this for a fun challenge for grown-up fans of Olaf?! This is a 1000-piece puzzle featuring Olaf in the center of a huge pile of pretty fall leaves. The finished jigsaw will measure about 69cm x 50cm (about 27" x 20"). Once completed, you will have a fun image of Olaf playing in the leaves!

Funny Olaf Costume Sunglasses and Mask

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These one-size-fits-most sunglasses are super adorable. Above the standard-style sunglasses, Olaf's smiling face appears. The white plastic Olaf costume sunglasses offer VU400 protection with scratch-resistant lenses. Add some snowman-style whimsy to your fun in the sun!

Silky Soft Olaf! Throw Blanket

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If there's no one around to give you warm hugs, try this fun Olaf blanket. The silky soft, warm throw blanket measures 40" by 50" and features a crisp print of Olaf in pieces (!!) against a blue on blue snowflake background. Like the snowman himself, letters spelling out OLAF's name are also spread around the printed blanket.

Frozen Olaf Lanyard for Work and Play

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This stretchy lanyard features an all-over print of snowman Olaf in various joyful poses. The Olafs are backed by a dark blue background with snowflakes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The nylon lanyard is an inch wide and features a stainless steel clip at the end. Carry a little bit of Olaf joy with you when you use this lanyard for your keys, ID cards, and more.

Chillin With My Snowmies Funny Olaf T-Shirt

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Olaf is shown joyfully crowd-surfing a crowd of little smiling snowgies. This fun design is distressed for a vintage look. This unique Olaf t-shirt is available in slate grey as shown, or one of four other light colors. In addition to the unisex style shown here, you can also pick up this tee in sizes for women or kids.

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