Frozen 2 Family Board Games

Get ready for the holiday season with a new batch of family friendly and kid games inspired by the long-awaited sequel to Frozen! These board games use themes and images from the new blockbuster to keep the film's fun going long after you've seen Frozen II on the big screen.

1 Frozen 2 Rumbling Rock Game

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Choose which Frozen character hero you'd like to play as you climb the mountain right underneath the Earth Giant. Dodge the boulders as you seek safety in this fun family 3D game.

2 Frozen 2 Snowflake Catch Game with Olaf

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This is an active ring-tossing game inspired by Olaf. Wear the headpiece and try to catch the flying snowflakes (actually rings) as they are tossed. Game includes two headbands for one-on-one play or team fun.

3 Frozen II Monopoly Game

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Everyone's favorite board game is featured with characters and locations familiar to fans of Frozen. Choose your character token (Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, or Mattias), build cabins or castles, and enhance play with the special snowflake token.

4 Frozen II Frosted Fishing Game

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This is a fun take on the familiar mechanical fishing game. In this version inspired by Frozen 2, you're catching snowflakes instead!

5 Frozen 2 Game Set: 6-in-1 Family Game Kit

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Play a variety of different games with a Frozen theme when you purchase this six-in-one game kit. You'll get the boards and pieces to play games like checkers, dominoes, snakes and ladders, bingo, and memory. The kit also comes with a pack of playing cards.

Frozen II Uno Card Game

This set of standard UNO cards has a great Frozen theme to make the game fun for fans of the popular Disney franchise. Characters from Arendelle and the Enchanted Forest are featured in unique artwork that decorates the cards.  UNO is a family friendly fun card game that uses...

Jumbo Frozen II Deck of Playing Cards

Enjoy your favorite card games with this fun set of playing cards themed to the movie Frozen II. The cards come in a standard deck of 52 plus two wild cards.

Top Frozen Best-Sellers for 2019

In 2019 Frozen fans finally got our long-awaited sequel. Popularity for the film franchise continues with the high praise given to Frozen II. Looking back on 2019, here are our best-selling Frozen items from the year that was.

Funny Frozen Operation Game with Olaf

This is a cute game inspired by the old classic Operation with a fun Frozen twist! Olaf is the center of attention and the objective is to remove the snowglies without making the game board buzz!