Creative Frozen Fun With Play-Doh!

Frozen fans will have so much fun playing with these themed Play-Doh sets. Little ones can let their creativity go wild while being inspired by the characters and themes from the Frozen franchise. Check out these super fun Frozen Play-Doh sets!

Olaf Sleigh Ride Play-Doh Set from Frozen

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This darling Frozen Play-Doh set features a large Olaf figure and a blue snow sleigh. The set comes with Play-Doh clay pots in different colors and several molds to create elements like snowflakes, ice castles, and pine trees. The sleigh also has molds all around, maximizing the play possibilities! Other fun play elements include the ability to grow Olaf's "hair" and an embossing roller that stows under the sleigh.

Play-Doh Mystery "Snow Globe" Playset

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With this fun playset from Play-Doh, little Frozen fans can use unique molds and colored clay to make characters and design elements from Frozen. The mystery aspect of this set includes "blind" molds, so you don't know what characters you'll be able to create until unboxing the set! Create your scene, place your characters in the globe, and then make it snow!

Super Cute Play-Doh Dessert Maker with Anna Doll

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This darling Play-Doh set for Frozen fans is inspired by Anna's excitement over coronation day!  Wearing her special dress for the occasion, Anna can create and decorate fun dessert items with this set. You'll get the Anna doll, a baking table, one pot of two-tone Play-Doh, and several molds to make creative imaginary desserts for the big day!

Play-Doh Create 'n Style Set with Frozen's Anna and Elsa

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You've heard of paper dolls, but what about making your own dolls out of clay? This fun Play-Doh set includes stamp molds to make flat figures of Anna and Elsa in  a cute cartoon style. Create different facial expressions, and mix and match colors and outfits with the included 10 different cans of Play-Doh clay.

Frozen Toy Storage Trunk | Collapsible & Lightweight

This is a great storage solution for a little Frozen fan's toys, books, or extra clothes. The collapsible canvas storage box has a fun Frozen motif and is noted for its good size to hold a lot of toys. This is an easy to assemble lightweight storage trunk...

Frozen Castle and Ice Palace Playset

This playset for fans of the movie Frozen is really two sets in one! There are two environments; one for each of the two sister princesses of Arendelle. The set expands to have Anna's cozy castle home on one side, and Elsa's sparkling ice castle on the other side. Anna's got a comfy lounge and vanity set, while Elsa's got a translucent ice throne.

Fun Frozen Bathtub Fingerpaint Set

This is a cute set of fingerpaints designed to bring Frozen fun to bath time! The fingerpaints come with accessories for maximum artistic flexiblity and creativity!

Disney Frozen Finger Paint Bath Set

Have fun when it comes to bath time with this great Frozen-themed set of four colored finger paints!