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Frozen Character Costumes for Adults

Posted on 27 September 2016 in Top Lists

Got a little Frozen fan in the family? A fun costume group theme for everyone in your party might be the characters from Frozen. Child-sized costumes are easy to find, but what about the adults in your family? Here are some Frozen-themed costumes that come in adult sizes.

1Ice Queen Elsa Adult Costume Gown

This beautiful dress costume is inspired by Elsa when she was living in her ice castle. The gown has an attached cape and a sparkling sequined bodice.

2Queen Elsa Coronation Costume Gown

This pretty green dress is just like the one Elsa wore during the coronation ceremony. The green dress has pretty Nordic-style details and comes with a matching cape.

3Queen Elsa Style Ice Braid Wig

This long braided wig will put the finishing touch on your Elsa costume. The wig comes with a hair cap to keep your own hair in check under the wig.

4Princess Anna Adventure Dress Costume

You'll look just like Anna did when she was out looking for her sister when you pick up this adult-sized dress costume. Comes with matching cape to keep the cold out.

5Princess Anna Coronation Day Costume Dress

This polyester dress is so pretty, and it's just like the one Anna wore! The dress has a golden skirt and Nordic styling throughout.

6Princess Anna Braided Wig with Ice Highlight

This is a pretty wig with two long braids just like how Anna wears her hair. The wig even has a light blond highlight Anna got when she got accidentally zapped by her sister. Comes with wig cap.

7Kristoff Adult-Sized Halloween Costume

This costume will make you look like Anna's friend, the reindeer-loving ice-man Kristoff. The costume comes with a Nordic-style tunic, hat with beanie, belt, and boot covers.

8Kristoff-Style Blond Hair Wig

Complete your Kristoff costume with this fluffy blond wig.

9Adult-Sized Olaf Snowman Halloween Costume

Dress up as Olaf with this costume that includes the snowman's head, tunic body, and stick-like gloves. Wear with brown pants for a complete costume.

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