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Ten Awesome Frozen Olaf T-Shirts for Adults

Posted on 29 September 2014 in Frozen Clothing

Frozen is a huge world-wide hit sensation -- and it's not just for kids! The funny character of Olaf the snowman warmed the hearts of viewers of all ages. Grown-up fans of Olaf will love this collection of official Frozen t-shirts made in adult sizes!

1Keep Calm and Build A Snowman Adult T-Shirt

This fun Frozen t-shirt for adults features a playful silhouette of Olaf dancing. The text is a spoof of the popular British propaganda phrase, Keep Calm and... in this case -- build a snowman!

2Cool Blue Olaf from Frozen Men's T-Shirt

This adult-sized t-shirt features Olaf the snow man seated with a big, goofy smile on his face! There is a monochrome retro horizon silhouette behind Olaf and his image is captioned with the logo from the movie Frozen.

3I'm Hot Stuff Olaf Adult T-Shirt

This fun t-shirt has a happy, bold statement from the summer-loving snowman Olaf. Olaf is waving and smiling his goofy smile from the middle of the O in the word HOT.

4Big Face Olaf from Frozen adult T-shirt

This t-shirt in adult sizes is as white as the snow that Olaf was made from. Olaf is smiling a big goofy smile but the outline of his oversized face is undefined on the white background t-shirt.

5Olaf Mr. Cool Adult-sized Frozen t-shirt

Olaf from Frozen dances next to the slogan Mr. Cool. This officially licensed Frozen t-shirt comes in adult sizes and is perfect for cool dudes who love this popular animated feature film!

6I Like Warm Hugs Olaf T-shirt

Olaf may be a snowman, but that doesn't stop him from wanting to see summer and from loving warm hugs! This fun Olaf t-shirt comes in adult sizes so it's perfect for grown-ups who love the story of Frozen.

7Cool Blue Olaf Frozen Juniors T-Shirt

This junior-sized women's t-shirt comes in cool ice blue. Olaf is smiling and dancing under the Frozen logo -- this is a great t-shirt for women who are fans of Disney's Frozen!

8Frozen Olaf Working on my Tan Adult Tee

Olaf is the snow man who loves warm hugs and summertime. This fun adult Frozen t-shirt features Olaf laying in the sun with sunglasses on and a frosty adult beverage. The Polaroid picture style graphic has the label "Working on my tan".

9Summer Frozen Olaf Adult T-Shirt

Olaf is the silly snowman that loves summer! This fun black adult t-shirt features a smiling and jumping Olaf with the simple slogan SUMMER written in Frozen-style text.

10Olaf Yeah, Why? Grey Adult T-Shirt

Olaf the snow man from Frozen can be so silly! Answering questions is no problem, but really, why do you want to know? This funny adult t-shirt for Frozen fans features Olaf standing in front of the words Yeah, Why? several times!

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