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Keep Feet Warm with Frozen Slippers!

Posted on 30 November 2014 in Girls Frozen Shoes

What little Frozen fan wouldn't love to have his or her very own set of warm and cozy Frozen slippers? A variety of characters and styles means there is a perfect set of slippers for everyone! Here we list our top ten favorite Frozen slippers!

1Purple Velcro Warm Fuzzy Frozen Sisters Slippers

These full slippers include a Velcro flap to keep them nice and snug on your toddler's feet. The flap reads FROZEN and there are two flat design embellishments: one showing the Frozen sisters and one purple snowflake. The outside of these cozy slippers is made of synthetic leather with a rubber sole.

2Pink Snowflake Frozen Ballet-Style Slippers

These cute open slippers have a white snowflake pattern on a pink background. There is an elastic strap across the top to keep them on your little one's feet. The front of each slipper has a small image of the royal Frozen sisters in a heart.

3Fluffy Royal Frozen Slippers for Toddlers

These slippers are so cute! The fluffy interior and the pretty pink uppers have shiny material to make them sparkle. They have teal with white snowflakes along the bottom. The front of the slippers features an image of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.

4Awesome Smiling Olaf the Snowman Slippers

These plush slippers are funny! The white pair of slippers has a soft sculpted Olaf the Snowman face on the front, complete with protruding carrot nose!

5Sparkling Blue Frozen Fuzzy Toddler Slippers

This warm set of slippers sparkles like snowflakes! The blue slippers have a fuzzy exterior with sparkly silver tops surrounding an image of the royal Frozen sisters. The slippers are further embellished with a blue ribbon bow.

6Pretty Pink Frozen Sisters Clog Slippers

These rubber clog slippers have a warm pink fuzzy lining. The slippers have a velcro strap, each with a picture of one of the royal sisters of Arendelle. The slippers are further decorated with Olaf's face and a pink snowflake.

7Cool Blue Frozen Slippers for Toddlers

This is a set of warm fuzzy slippers for toddlers in a cool light blue color. The slippers have a pattern of white snowflakes on them and an applique with Elsa and Anna at the toe. Sparkly material at the heel and a strap across the top completes this cute design.

8Funny Frozen Olaf the Snowman Sock-Top Slippers

These funny slippers feature a protruding Olaf face at the front. The slippers have a sock top to keep feet nice and warm.

9Plush Pink Frozen Slip-On Slippers

These open-back slippers are easy to get on and off! The pink mules have fuzzy lining, a rubber sole, and a pretty satin applique image of Elsa and Anna on top.

10Queen Elsa from Frozen Slipper Gripper Sole Socks

This is a darling set of infant slipper socks featuring the Snow Queen, Elsa of Arendelle. The pink knit socks also feature Elsa's signature slogan: Let It Go!

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