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Frozen LED Projection Nightlight

Posted on 18 September 2019 in Frozen Electronics

This is a cute nightlight for fans of Frozen! The light comes with six different Frozen-themed images to project onto your wall, ceiling, or floor.

This is a cute little LED night light that plugs directly into the wall. It's a small projector that will shine through one of six different Frozen images provided: Anna with Kristoff; Olaf and Sven with Anna and Kristoff; sisters Anna and Elsa; Olaf; Queen Elsa; and Sven with Kristoff.

The small nightlight unit plugs into the wall and emits a soft glowing purple light in addition to the projection. The projected image can be aimed up or down, to shine on the floor, ceiling, or vertical wall. The light has a sensor to turn off at dawn and turn on at dusk. The LED light is cool to the touch and energy efficient.

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