Learn to Tell Time With Frozen!

Little Frozen fans who are learning to tell time will love to have help from Anna, Elsa, and the rest of the Arendelle gang. These childrens watches themed with Frozen characters make a fun gift idea for kids going back to school, birthdays, or any occasion. Teacher watches have the hour and minute hands clearly labelled for youngsters learning to read a clock. An outer bevel is included to help kids understand how the minute and second hands are read. Learning to tell time is fun with favorite characters! There are several different styles of Frozen teacher watches featured below to match your recipient's style.

Pretty Pink Frozen Teacher Watch with Silicone Band

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This cute watch features the sisters Anna and Elsa against a light pink background. In addition to a pink bezel to indicate the minutes in increments of five. The white hour hand and pink minute hand are both labeled to help youngsters learn how to tell time. The comfortable white silicone strap has a buckle closure.

Anna and Elsa Brave Sisters Teacher Watch

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This fun Frozen teacher watch has a pretty turquoise nylon strap with an easy Velcro-style closure. The sisters stand facing adventure against a flattering light turquoise background. This watch has a pretty lilac bezel outline to indicate the minutes and seconds in increments of five. The hour and minute hands are labeled and come in contrasting colors of white and purple for easy identification.

Pretty Fuchsia Frozen Teacher Watch with Elsa & Anna

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This watch in shades of fuchsia features an image of Anna and Elsa from Frozen II. Like the other watches featured here, this teacher watch includes a bezel with the minutes indicated in five minute increments as well as contrasting colored hour and minute hands, also labeled for ease of learning how to tell time. This watch has a nylon band with buckle closure.

Fun Olaf with Sven Black Strap Teacher Watch

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This watch face features Olaf and his reindeer pal Sven against a snowy forest background. A matching black bezel with increments of five indicated helps kids learn how to read minutes and seconds. This watch has a black nylon strap with Velcro-type closure.

Pretty Snowflake Frozen Lilac & Purple Watch

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This pretty watch features a dark purple nylon hook and loop strap with Velcro-style closure. The watch face features Anna and Elsa with a pretty purple snowflake motif background. The hour hand is white; the minute hand is pink. The minutes, in increments of five, are indicated on a contrasting pink outer bezel.

Frozen Elsa Teacher Watch with Nylon Strap

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This stylish watch has a pretty and delicate image of ice queen Elsa against a snowy white background. The watch face is framed with a silver-look bezel with the minutes indicated in five-minute increments. The hour and minute hands are labeled and colored in white and purple, respectively. The watch has a blue nylon fabric strap.

Purple Frozen Sisters Teacher Watch

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Elsa and Anna are featured on the face of this pretty watch. An outer bezel indicates the minutes in increments of five. The purple silicone watchband has decorative 3D white snowflake elements and a buckle closure.

Pink Anna from Frozen Teacher Watch

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This watch features Anna on a white background. The minute and hour hands are marked and featured in different colors for ease of identification and learning to tell time. A dark pink outer bezel on the watch face indicates minutes and seconds in increments of five. The strap is two-tone nylon with a Velcro-type closure.

Purple Band Olaf the Snowman Teacher Watch

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Olaf runs before a background of snowflakes in rainbow colors on this fun teacher watch for young Frozen fans. The purple minute and white hour hands are both labeled. A clear outer bezel indicates the minutes and seconds in 5 minute/second intervals. This watch has a fuchsia nylon band with a Velcro-style closure.

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