Fun & Unique Frozen Birthday Party Favors

If your little loves Frozen, a fun Arendelle-themed birthday party might be in your future. Share the memories by giving party guests unique and fun parting gifts -- Frozen party favors are a fun way for birthday party attendees to remember the fun and celebrate the birthday kid! Here are some fun Frozen party favor ideas.

Frozen Slap Bracelets & More: Stickers, Bracelets

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Kids can share their love of all things Arendelle right on their arms with these awesome Frozen slap bracelets. The set comes with 36 bracelets with many different pattern designs inspired by Frozen and popular characters in the world of Arendelle. The set of bracelets also comes with 50 Frozen stickers which also make great party favors for Frozen themed gatherings.

Reusable Frozen Silly Straws: Pack of 24

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Get this awesome pack of silly straws featuring fun silicone embellishments of characters from Frozen! With this purchase, you'll get 24 straws in 6 different colors and characters, plus two cleaning brushes to send kids home with clean straws after use at your party! The reusable Frozen straws are a fun way to remember favorite characters and fun birthday party gatherings.

Frozen-Style Magic Wand Favors: Set of 12

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Get this affordable set of magic wands with an icy motif to let everyone create their own birthday party magic! Each in this set of 12 identical wands has a glitter snowflake on one end, with ice blue and silver streamers hanging down. This is a highly rated set of Frozen party favors for an affordable price!

12-Pack of Frozen PEZ Candy Dispensers

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Remember PEZ? These little tablet candies have been around since 1927! The little treats that come in unique dispensers have been collectible for almost as long as they've been on the market. Get this set of 12 Frozen PEZ dispensers for your next Frozen themed party! You'll get a random assortment of dispensers featuring Olaf, Anna, and Elsa.

Iceberg Slime Frozen-Style Party Favor 12-Pack

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Give your birthday party guests something fun to play with at the gathering that they'll be able to enjoy later, too! With this purchase you'll get 12 packs of iceberg themed slime! Slime is a squishy material that's fun to feel and play with, but is non-toxic and generally harmless (just keep it away from carpeting). 

Top Frozen Best-Sellers for 2019

In 2019 Frozen fans finally got our long-awaited sequel. Popularity for the film franchise continues with the high praise given to Frozen II. Looking back on 2019, here are our best-selling Frozen items from the year that was.