Frozen Lightweight Buffs | Sport Scarf Face Coverings

These are sport-style buff masks with vibrant printed images taken from the world of Frozen. They are made of polyester moisture-wicking material, making them ideal for sports and other activities. The top of each scarf has elastic for a secure fit, and the cut is longer in the front for added coverage without having excess material at the back. These sport masks are designed to fit most adults.

Frozen Face Masks for Kids

Young Frozen fans will love these pretty face masks that feature characters and scenes from their favorite movies. These child-sized masks are more comfortable and secure for smaller faces and the whimsical designs will make youngsters happy to wear them. These unique Frozen children's face masks can all...

Frozen Neck Gaiters | Warm Tube Scarves & Face Coverings

These buff-style tube scarves all have bold images featuring characters and scenes from Frozen or Frozen 2. They are made of comfortable and warm microfiber polyester. They can be worn in various ways, including as a hat. Use the integrated string tie with clasp to tighten the top of the scarf for a secure fit.