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Frozen-Themed Halloween Novelties

Posted on 11 October 2016 in Top Lists

Dressing up as the Arendelle gang is easy enough, but what if you want more Frozen in your Halloween? Fear not (see what I did there?) -- Frozen Halloween gear isn't limited to costumes. Here are some fun Halloween goodies inspired by Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and the gang:

1Frozen Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit

Use this kit to carve pumpkins with a Frozen look. You'll get three implements, all with Frozen characters on the handles: seed scoop with Olaf; long carving knife with Anna; and short carving knife with Elsa. You'll also get patterns to carve your own pumpkins with various Frozen characters.

2Olaf Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Kit

Want a Frozen pumpkin but don't want the mess of carving? This fun kit has everything you need to "dress up" your pumpkin like Olaf the snowman. First paint your pumpkin white with the included paint, and then add the 5 Olaf push-in body parts for some easy and fun Frozen Halloween decorating!

3Frozen Paperboard Harvest Candy Bowl

This lightweight candy bowl is made from paperboard and has a harvest-themed image featuring your favorite Frozen characters.

4Set of Five Frozen Luminary Bags

Light the way for visiting trick-or-treaters with these Frozen luminary bags! Each bag has a character from the movie in an autumn harvest-style scene.

5Set of Frozen Halloween Window Clings

Did you know Olaf likes warm Halloween hugs? This is a fun sheet of 14 different Frozen Halloween images.

6Set of 50 Autumn Harvest Frozen Clings

Did you know Olaf likes to make snowmen out of stacked pumpkins? Here you'll get a big set of 50 different Frozen window clings themed around autumn and the fall harvest.

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